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The Fish Store is constantly getting new saltwater fish, corals and the latest in aquarium technology.

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Coral Collectors' Corner

We carry a large selection of rare and collectible corals that and beautiful splashes of color throughout your aquarium. Corals arrive often, and in limited quantities. Come see them for yourself before they're gone.

Have Questions? Ask us!

Part of the joy of owning a saltwater aquarium is knowing how to take care of your fish tank, whether you are a new aquarium owner, or if you have had your tank for years.

Stop by the store and our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer your questions. We also offer free water testing in the store.

Saltwater Fish - The Magnificent Foxface

About The Fish Store...

A store run by people who love saltwater fish for people who love saltwater fish

When we help someone to be happy with their aquarium, then we have done our job. Our staff is well trained, some having decades of experience with taking care of saltwater fish and their tanks.

We believe that an informed customer will be a much happier customer, especially over time. When you enter our store, we take the time to answer questions and to help you while you are here, and when you are with your aquarium.

Your long-term happiness is where we place our emphasis. All of the fish in our store are pretty, and it is easy to unknowingly select fish that are incompatible with each other or for the tank that you are adding them to. When we see potential issues with your choices, we let you know, so that you can make your selections with more information to work with.

Our facility is the largest in the Southeast, and we maintain an inventory of fish for all budgets and tastes. You will see all sorts of fish in our store, ranging from the standard clownfish to some of the rarest fish in the world. We are also distributors for some of the top manufacturers of aquarium equipment. We work hard to stay on top of all the new technologies that the saltwater aquarium industry continues to introduce to make our lives easier and our tanks better.

Saltwater Fish Industry News


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The Fish Store:
2050 Chamblee Tucker Road
Chamblee, GA 30341
(770) 216-5333

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The Fish Store is open from 11am-5pm every day.
We are closed on Tuesdays

Need help with your aquarium?

We offer full aquarium services with our own in-house maintenance company, Advanced Aquariums.

Staffed with Atlanta's top aquarium service maintenance experts, we can help you enjoy your tank more.